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Who’s Marco...?

Who’s Marco…?

Our simple menu started 12 years ago when i decided to finally live my life long dream and open up my small sandwich shop. I can remember back in 2005 the feeling of excitement when my local clients would come back for more and more of my very creative “Marco Special” Sandwich! Now, people from around the greater Montreal area and beyond have had their taste buds pleased with our sandwiches. You know that special place where you can count on getting the best service and outstanding quality. That’s our commitment to you. Buon Appetito!

Only the Finest Ingredients

Food is sacred. My passion is to deliver only the freshest, highest quality local ingredients…PERIOD! That beautiful mayo and hot sauce you dip your panini in is home made. All of our dressings are also made in house, whether it’s the Balsamic Vinegar, Homemade Vinaigrette, or the sundried tomato pesto.

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